Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Siren Song of Fungi

Those strange little buggers.  You'd not assume they were worth a second glance most of the time.  But cook them up just right and they release a most delectable aroma and flavor!  Yummmmmm!  And the seduction is only heightened by the thought that if you choose unwisely you just might end up dead as the fallen tree they were sprouting from.

Well, it seems the fungi-mania in Italy this year is taking its toll on the "fungaioli".

In related news we've got chef Mario Batali openng up Eataly, a massive epicurian emporium of all things Italian, just steps from my office.  Signs say opening "precisely at 4pm" today.  The boss, a big time foodie himself, has already made it known that he expects the office to clear out around that time.  I'll certainly be checking out the shroom selection.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Another 1st Amendment moron

I'm constantly mazed at how many supposedly intelligent people have no clue about what their 1st Amendment rights really involve. 

Like Dr. Laura Schlessinger for instance;

"At the end of the year, when my contract runs out, I've decided not to do a radio show anymore. I want my First Amendment rights back, which I can't have on radio without the threat of attack on my advertisers and stations. I would like to make it clear that I am not retiring -- I'm too young for that -- and I'm not quitting. I will be stronger and freer to say my mind through my books, my YouTube Channel, my blog and my website. And I'll be on TV more, because I'll have the freedom to speak my mind."

Seriously?  Does the erudite doctor REALLY believe that the 1st Amendment is supposed to protect her and her sponsors/employers from the repercussions of her speech?  I'm constantly dumbfounded when I hear this.  And no one ever calls them on it.  Is she really that stupid?  And do the people she's doling out self-help advice to know this? 

I want my 1st Amendment rights back!  In other words, I want to be able to be shielded from any repercussions from the offensive things I say or do.

It's right up there with, I want my country back!

And people wonder why Obama hasn't magically "transformed" the country. 

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

He wasn't a criminal....

....when he bought the semi-automatic handgun that he used to kill 8 of his co-workers.

[photo credit: AP Photo/Journal Inquirer, Jessica Hill]

How often have you heard it said that banning things like assault rifles will ensure that only the criminals have them?  Well, Omar Thornton wasn't a criminal when he bought his semi-automatic handgun.  But he is now.  I suppose he just bought the gun for self-protection, right?  Yeah.  That's it.  For protection.

But "something just snapped in him"

He was never violent.  Until today.

And now 8 innocent people are dead.  Eight families are torn apart.

But at least Omar Thornton's 2nd Amendment rights are intact.

Burn baby burn!

This is a lovely piece from Huffington Post.

The reason I am posting this is to illustrate a point.  What happens everytime some radical muslim cleric makes some ridiculous threat against non-muslims?  It gets tons of press.  It's all over the media.  It becomes a defacto aspect of Islam.  The xenophobic public ratchets up their fear and hatred of all things muslim.

So here we have a radical Christianist engaging in a ridiculous act of intolerance and blanket hatred of non-Christians.  It's getting some press.  Think about how western Christians react to the Muslim radicals and you can understand how muslims will react to these idiots. 

What would Jesus burn?

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Just wanted to note how often I find myself profoundly struck and inspired by the thoughts expressed by my kids.  Such pure honesty and wonder.  Somebody's gotta figure out how to keep us from losing that. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Where's snark?

There's a snark in this photo.  Can you find him?

From the House of Blues closing night party at Netroots Nation 2010.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Ask the Speaker

Nancy Pelosi was well received. She's a very gracious lady. She began by thanking everyone from the netroots for all the thousands of roses that were sent to her following the passage of healthcare reform. She says what has been accomplished since she became Speaker is that they have "pushed open the gate". Haven’t passed through yet but the gate is open and it would have been impossible without citizen activists. She spoke about her conversation with Obama following the passage of “healthcare for all Americans”. Huh? Do we have universal care now? Anyway, she spoke to Obama and he said that he was happier that day than he was the day he was elected. Right. And she said no, because had he not been elected it would never have happened. Then she introduces a video address to Netroots Nation from Obama. Pretty cool. Obama says he knows change not happening fast enough for some, especially those at NN. But points to what has been accomplished and the film cuts to clips of Maddow reporting on many of the big legislative achievements of the past 2 years. Nice touch. Maybe he can get around to sitting for an interview with her one of these days. Good comment from Maddow, “the last time any president achieved as much in office booze was illegal”. Got a good laugh. Cut back to Obama who reminds us that change does not, and will not happen from the top down but from the bottom up. Calls us to keep the pressure on him.

Speaker Pelosi then sat with the moderator, Cheryl Contee, and answered about 10 questions on a range of legislative issues. She was good, didn’t hedge too much. But most of the answers fell into the “we’re trying hard but the Republicans are obstructing us in the Senate” format.

I’ll follow up on that later.

[Managed to connect to the wireless network.  Got to meet Alan Grayson at the end of the Citizens United panel.  Nice guy.  Thanked him for all his work on the DISCLOSE Act.  He really took the time to shake peoples hands even though he was trying to take 5 minutes to shove some food in his face before taking part in the lunch panel on building a "progressive economic vision".]